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anche voi avete fantasia
almeno voi amate fare
avante vedo anzicchè fuori

La notte del 15 ottobre dalle ore 10.30 pm: Carmelo Graceffa interpreta con batteria tastiera e effetti sonori il video antes vulgar agora fino degli AVAF.

accipicchia vedo amore finalmente
astrazioni vere attivamente festose
avvincente arrogante arricchimento fresco
armonia vissuta assoluta felicitá

assume vivid astro focus è composto da Eli Sudbrack eChristophe Hamaide-Pierson.
Eli Sudbrack è nato a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil e vive e lavora fra São Paulo eNew York. Christophe Hamaide-Pierson è nato a Paris dove vive e lavora.

a voi amicci fantasticci
andare via a fatica
aristide vocale angustia frontale
a voi ancora freschi

assume vivid astro focus is comprised of Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide-Pierson.
Eli Sudbrack was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and lives and works between São Paulo and New York. Christophe Hamaide-Pierson was born in Paris and lives and works in

avanguardia vasta atemporale…fantasmagorica
a volte ancora fuggirei
ancora vari anni fantasmagorici
azioni vive allusioni fiabesche
animali venali attraversano feroci
assurdamente vascolare anche finanziariamente
astrazioni vere attivamente festose
almeno voi amate fare
alcune vittorie accadranno forse


The democratization of technology has offered us the possibility of spreading and sharing knowledge – and that equals empowerment. Knowledge is power, power to unfold, fight and direct your own life. The world we live in nowadays is a world in which ideas and information disseminate rapidly and reveal themselves in this infinite accumulative unfolding looping process. You have the feeling of being devoured by this infinite swirl of information black hole. We are bombarded daily by an amount of information without any precedents. But the power of the Internet and its sharing capabilities have improved exponentially not only our access to knowledge but also our perception, communication and expression capabilities. This has given way to a new kind of human species, capable of absorbing and digesting loads of information at high speeds. A new cross breed between a human and a virus is born, whose essence is based on the idea of contamination, and the existence in different dimensions and bodies, commuting easily between them. VIRUS HOMO SAPIEN. Obsession, curiosity, generosity and anxiety are center elements in our projects – particular mind sets necessary to cover every single aspect related to the ideas we are discussing at a given moment. Space and time are multi-layered and multi-faceted – and people’s perception/experience of the world is finally heading the same way. Our minds and dreams are ahead of laws, politics, social codes, ethics and even technology. We live in a world of unaccomplished dreams. Nevertheless, we are also having a more vivid taste of these dreams today, because of knowledge spread. We have a better understanding nowadays of how we can have a better living. Unfortunately there are a few generations that came before us that keep holding these views back. But they will eventually fade away. The pressure is strong and they won’t be able to hold it for too long. For instance: does anybody doubt that music will be free in the near future? We know it will and we know why it’s not still. People want that and that’s what we will get sometime soon. In our own way and in a very general sense, this is the core belief of all avaf projects: freedom to share/spread/absorb/assume/contaminate/inseminate/devour

arrivare vedo allarmante fatica
avvertenza vietato astratti finocchie
aldilà vincente ancora fondente
altre vedute altrettanto faraoniche
alberi verdi alti fioriti 
altri vagabondi aleggiano felicemente
ambiguo veramente accolto facilmente
anzicchè fuori vedo avanti
altre visioni ancora fantastiche
alterazioni vivide assolutamente fantasiose
alcune vittorie accadranno forse
attivitá volatili aspirano fobie
androidi viscosi andando fischiettando .

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